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Taking you to the edge of everything you know about young love, sex and romance; Cloudy River is a refreshing and bold film about pansexual artist Emma (Cloudy) and her musician lover, River, whose open-relationship is put to the test when they move in together.

Starring Rowan Davie and Rebecca Robertson with Indigo Sparke and Caeley Wesson

Written and directed by Charlie Ford and Sophie Hardcastle

Produced by Belinda Dean

International Distribution - Escapade Media 

Contact: Natalie Lawley

 Feature film adaptation of the successful short-form series

Limited theatrical run in independent Australian cinemas from January 2021

Festival premiere: Queer Screen's 27th Mardi Gras Film Festival

Now available online (Australia only) through SBS On Demand

Cloudy River Trailer

CR Trailer
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